What is the process of creating a campus dashboard?


DLR Group and Gravity Works performed a series of site visits and analysis to assess the program, facility and physical educational condition of each campus in the district. Facilities were observed using a set of baseline criteria, and then translated into a graphic format to better understand the overall condition of each campus. Each criteria were assigned a numeric value to be able to compare all facilities across the board.

As a dashboard in a car is a visual indicator of how the car is operating, facility dashboards serve a similar purpose: To provide a benchmark to compare the relative condition to a group of facilities.

To view the definitions of all the observed criteria, click “criteria” in the left hand column.

  1. Architectural team collects electronic and written observations / data with specific criteria in mind.
  2. Observations / data are analyzed and graphed to look for trends, talking points and potential conclusions.
  3. Analysis is used to help guide findings and recommendations moving forward.